The little marvel

The little marvel

RX-100 Project

I never believed in compact camera's to be compentent tool's for neither photo or videography.
All of that changed when the RX-100 came about. The world around me changed. My photography evolved and my intrest in videography grew significantly. Suddenly my tool was a part of me. Not something i had to plan or consider on taking out. Just like my wallet,.. it would never leave my side (read: pants) again.

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A new beginning

RX-100 in JapanPosted by Jeroen Selderslaghs Thu, July 18, 2013 13:56:42
At the moment of writing i am sitting at a desk somewhere in Kanagawa, Japan. The country where this little marvel was envisioned and designed.

About one year ago i was at the same place. Same situation. Altough now with already far more pictures. More memories captured. Simply due the fact, the fact that something is always with me, ready to capture those moments!

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