The little marvel

The little marvel

RX-100 Project

I never believed in compact camera's to be compentent tool's for neither photo or videography.
All of that changed when the RX-100 came about. The world around me changed. My photography evolved and my intrest in videography grew significantly. Suddenly my tool was a part of me. Not something i had to plan or consider on taking out. Just like my wallet,.. it would never leave my side (read: pants) again.

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Getting to know each other

RX-100 GeneralPosted by Jeroen Selderslaghs Wed, July 17, 2013 23:45:13
My first hands on with the RX-100.
The first shots felt a bit weird to compose with a screen. I was used to a DSLR from the moment i started with photography a couple of years ago so i needed a bit of getting used to. But that happened rather quickly and soon i found myself enjoying and go with the flow of this little marvel.

The following shot is actually the 3th shot it took with it.

I soon realized that it not only fits in my jeans pocket. It also made me think out of the box and approach photography differently.

A potential tool for food photography

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